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How It Works

Intake with the client includes:

  • Family history – current and childhood history.

  • Career to date: success/failures, significant milestones.

  • Relationship history, if relevant.

  • Current stressors that may be impacting performance.

  • What the client wants to achieve, in order of importance.

The Plan 


Together, my client and I make an outline for moving forward, looking at issues I can help them resolve more immediately, whether that’s something logistical or emotionally based. We then look at the issues that may take longer to resolve. We create a comprehensive and realistic action plan and work from there.


Follow-up: As a life therapist I’m available for in between sessions via phone or Facetime. But depending on how we set up the structure of service, I am also available for text and phone calls on a more informal basis if this is what my client needs. (For example, post-practice, match, meeting or event debriefs.)


Coordination with other clinicians, coaches, managers, bosses, doctors or significant people in my client’s life: with the written consent of the client, I can also communicate and coordinate with other supporting family members or clinicians when necessary. A coordinated approach is always the most successful way to support a client.

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